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Build Your Own Wine Cellar

If you are a wine connoisseur or would simply like a place to store several bottles of wine, it might be a terrific idea to build your own wine cellar. There are a few ways to approach building a wine cellar and will depend on your home’s size and floor plan.

If your home has a basement and it is dry, then you can build your own wine cellar in a corner of your basement. By utilizing a corner space, you only have to construct two walls (one with a door way) and then can use the concrete walls for shelving. Build your own wine cellar with enough shelving to store all the wine you want to keep on hand and remember to store the bottles on their side. Rough framing and shelving is all that is really necessary unless you plan to have your wine cellar on display.

If you don’t have a basement, converting a closet is another way to build your own wine cellar. You can reconstruct the interior of a closet with shelves for storing wine or you can simply purchase wine racks and install them. This option is very viable especially if you are short on space but want a place to store wine. You want be able to store a large stock of wine, but should be able to create shelving for at least twenty bottles.

In the event that you have no closet space to spare, try finding a kitchen cabinet that you can convert into a miniature wine cellar. Granted, this will require some reorganizing of your kitchen and won’t allow much space for storage of wine, but if your goal is to age only a few bottles and keep some on hand for dinner parties, it does the job. You can build custom inserts or simply remove the cabinet’s shelves and insert small racks. Regardless of size once you build your own wine cellar you’ll have a space just for the bottles and will clear counter tops and bars of the clutter.

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