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Build Your Own Putting Green

Any golfer would love to have their own putting green in their backyard. Build your own putting green to fit in with your backyard environment. The most difficult part of building a putting green will not be the actual building process, but the maintenance. Fertility problems, disease, and insects can all have an effect on how successful your putting green will be. Most professional gardeners and landscapers will advise against building a putting green in your yard but if you are positive you can’t live without one, then consider that you will need to build your own putting green your self.

Drainage is one of the most important things to consider when you build your own putting green. If the drainage is not designed properly, water will collect into pools, not only destroying the grass, but making your putting green useless. Sand and soil mix are needed to help with drainage. Building a putting green properly can take weeks of work. Remember that the drainage you install for your putting green will make or break its use. Water runoff will also need to be accessed. Make sure that proper piping has been installed to steer runoff away from the green.

Planting grass seed is your next attempt when you build your own putting green. Selecting the perfect grass for your putting green can be difficult. Cutting certain types of grass can actually kill it, and mowing it can do the same. Purchasing a green mower of course is your best bet in keeping a healthy lawn. But the price of these special mowers may make you change your mind about building your own putting green in the first place. Ranging from $1,000 to several thousand, these mowers are balanced and will not bend your grass down. Consider whether this major undertaking is worth having a place to relax and play golf. Remember that most of your time will be spent maintaining your putting green.

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