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Build Your Own Hot Tub

Few things are more relaxing than winding down after a long day in a hot tub while you let the water soak away your stress. The jets in a hot tub force water through at a pressure that is just right for soothing tired, sore muscles. Most people look at a hot tub as an investment and in some cases, hot tubs can be deemed medically necessary and the cost covered by insurance.

More than likely though, you’re not one of those cases where your insurance carrier is going to pick up the tab for a hot tub. To build your own hot tub, you’ll need a place to put it. You basically have two choices for location; inside or outside. If you’re going to build your own hot tub outside, you’ll need a solid, level, load bearing structure such as a deck or patio. You’ll also need access to electric supply. Many people think there will need to be plumbing ran with a hot tub, but as long as you can reach it with a hose, any location with an electric supply will do.

If you are limited by your outdoor space, consider building your hot tub indoors. The best alternative to an indoor hot tub is to install a bathtub with powered jets where your original bathtub sits. There are many models available and are cost-comparative to other models. They do require some wiring and installation can be time consuming. However, if you’re interested in building your own hot tub and are short on space, this might well be the way to go.

Things to consider when building your own hot tub indoors include the condensation created by the heat and moisture and whether or not the room can handle it. For example, enclosed porches will accumulate condensation on the glass and ceiling tiles. Some ceiling tiles will stain and some will even fall apart if they become wet. When you install your own hot tub, regardless of location, remember that you are dealing with water and electricity and if you are not skilled should contact a professional installer before connecting a hot tub to a new or existing power source.

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