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Build a Horseshoe Pit

When you decide to build a horseshoe pit you will want to follow the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association rules. First you will need to find a large clear area. There should be plenty of space around this horseshoe pit to keep everyone safe. Horseshoes are very heavy and can be quite dangerous when thrown. Horseshoe pitching can be a fun and exciting game if you follow some simple rules and guidelines.

Start by marking off a flat and level area that is at least 46 feet long by 6 feet wide. When you build a horseshoe pit, orient it so you will not have the sun in the player’s eyes. Stakes will be placed within this marked off area but don't put them in just yet. They will need to be 40 feet apart and centered within the 6 foot width so mark this spot. Next, dig a square or rectangular area around the stakes. This should be approximately 5 feet in length by 3 feet wide. Dig these 4 to 8 inches deep. Now hammer in your stakes leaving 14 to 15 inches of stake above the ground. Lean the stakes in, towards each other but not more than 3 inches. You can now fill sand into your pitching area but be sure to dampen it with water before starting a game.

Mark any foul lines taking into consideration who is playing. Different foul lines might be considered for young, female, and elderly players. Foul lines are always placed inside the horseshoe pit. Be sure to establish the foul lines before beginning any game. Start off with three horseshoes for each team. Remember that the horseshoe must touch the opposing stake to score points Now that you've know how to build a horseshoe pit, you can enjoy playing at the park, on the beach and just about anywhere.

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