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How to Build an Outhouse

Did you know that modern bathrooms are a new convenience to many communities? Those in Alberta, Canada, did not get indoor plumbing until the mid-1960's. If you've even wondered how to build an outhouse, you can start here. Old time outhouses were usually three or four feet square and seven feet in height. Some of these outhouses were called "double holers" offering accommodations for two people.

It will not take much to learn how to build an outhouse, as they were put together quickly and simply. Often these outhouses were nothing more than sides, a floor, a roof and one door. A bench would have an oblong hole cut in it which led down to a hole dug into the ground. These holes were often five feet deep or more. Outhouses were often built 50 to 150 feet away from any living quarters.

Today you can learn how to build an outhouse for as little as $20. If old oak planks are available for use, then you may even build it for less. Purchase nails, an electrical light socket, electrical wire, a switch, some roofing shingles, and some plexiglas can be used for a window. These homemade outhouses are great for deer hunters. You can give it a modern feel if you add a toilet paper holder and magazine rack. Adding a space heater will add more comfort on those chilly nights.

When learning how to build an outhouse, you will also learn there are many companies that sell pre-fabricated outhouses. Many of these are portable allowing you to move the outhouse once the hole underneath is filled. Other companies offer bacterial products that help reduce odor and dissolve toilet paper. Toilets just like those used in modern homes are also available for use in outhouses. There is no flushing mechanism, but it will offer you the comfort of a regular toilet. Use your outhouse for seasonal outings such as hunting or fishing trips.

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