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Build a Wind Generator

So you want to build a wind generator for an experiment at home but need more info to build this generator. Since you are going to build a wind generator that is fairly small you will still need the same pieces that are found large wind generators. You will need a tower, a generator, a base with s blades and wind. Also needed is a measuring device such as a tape measure. You will need to find some plans in order to build a wind generator because it can be a bit tricky to get it working exactly right, so when you find some plans you will be all set to start assembling.

When you build a wind generator you can make it any size you would like but a smaller one would be the best to start off with.
An easy wind generator can be made from three separate discs of aluminum sheets and some drain piping. This can be cut in half on both sides, providing four arms for the generator. These arms are assembled between the three disks. Some aluminum angle brackets and steel rivets can be used to hold it together. The two arms near the top of the rotor are rotated to the bottom ones. This helps to make sure that there is always one arm in position to catch wind, so the generator is self starting. After you have all these things together and situated so they are secure you need to add the small motor that you would like to power with the wind. Get that all ready according to your plans and you should be almost ready to take advantage of the power of the wind and this should create enough power to run a small light or radio. After you build a wind generator of this size you can experiment more in the future with larger ones and who know, maybe someday you can have your home powered by the wind.

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