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How to Build a Volcano

It is fairly simple to learn how to build a volcano and it also does not involve a lot of time, this makes it a great way for parents and children to do something fun and educational together. Learning how to build a volcano out of baking soda is something you can do right in your kitchen. The first thing you need is a two or three liter soda bottle, a roll of masking tape, some strips of newspaper, a big bowl, flour and water. You will also need a square piece of cardboard for this to sit on and not make a huge mess, you also need one cup of vinegar, four tablespoons of baking soda, some red food coloring and some paint. Once you get all this together you can place the bottle on the cardboard and then run masking tape from the top of the bottle to the cardboard, and when doing this try to angle it all around the bottle to different parts of the cardboard.

When this is done you are halfway through learning how to build a volcano. Now you want to mix the flower and water in the bowl to make a sticky substance. Next you dip the strips of newspaper in one at a time and start laying them down over the masking tape on the bottle. You want to cover the whole thing with a few layers of this paper and start to make it into the volcano shape., Be sure not to cover the hole of the bottle though. Once you have it all covered you need to let it dry overnight so it hardens and then you can paint it the next day to look even more like a volcano. Let the paint dry over the course of the next day and then it will be time to make your volcano erupt. The eruption is the last step in your lesson of how to build a volcano and it is also the most exciting part. Now it is time to pour the vinegar into the bottle, then you add some red food coloring. Next you need to quickly dump in the baking soda and move back, it is time for eruption!

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