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Build a Soccer Goal

If you are a fan of soccer who likes to play a lot or you have kids that love soccer and you have a decent size yard then why not build a soccer goal in your yard. This can bring countless hours of practice and fun times playing soccer right in your own yard. If you want to build a soccer goal there is not much to it, just a little bit of your time and some pretty inexpensive materials are needed. Having a soccer goal in your yard can save you a lot of time having to haul your kids to a soccer practice field and it also keeps them at home so you can keep a watchful eye on them.

When you are first starting to build a soccer goal you need to gather the necessary materials such as a post-hole digger, a level, four by fours for the goal posts and one two by four is also needed for the crossbar. You will also need some nails, a level, a tape measure, some concrete mix and something to mix it in. A net is also needed as well as some zip ties to tie the net to the goal posts and crossbar. Once you have all the necessary materials it is time to build a soccer goal in your yard.

First thing to do is dig two holes with the post-hole digger. The next step is to mix the concrete according to the directions and then put the posts in the holes and fill around the posts with the concrete. Once this part is done you need to attach the crossbar to the tops of the goalposts with a hammer and nails. You can use your level to ensure the crossbar is even. Then you want to attach the net with the zip ties to the posts and crossbar. After you have this all done you just need to wait a day or two until the concrete is hardened and then your soccer goal is ready for use.

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