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How to Build a Smoke House

If you loved smoked meats and beef jerky then why not build a small smokehouse in your backyard to make your own smoked treats. Learning how to build a smoke house is not that hard of an ordeal. This is also fairly inexpensive to do at home. The things you will need when you are learning how to build a smoke house are a shovel, two fifty-five gallon steel drums, six feet of galvanized stove piping and a pipe elbow, a few steel rods and a piece of wood that will cover one of the steel drums and a metal cover for the other. You will also need a couple hooks to hang meat from and a brick. As stated before this is not very hard to do but it can become a little physically demanding in parts.

Understanding how to build a smoke house is the first step then gathering materials is the second, the third step is actually building the smoke house. Now you want to start digging a hole, the hole is actually more of a ditch and at one end there needs to be a hole the fifty-five gallon drum can fit into. Once you dig the hole for the drum you need to drill a hole in the drum the size of the piping you bought. The other steel drum needs to have the same size hole cut in the bottom of it. After the hole is dug and the drums are drilled you need to extend a ditch from the hole about six feet. After this is done you place the one drum in the hole then attaché the piping to run from the side of the drum through the ditch and then attach the elbow so that fits into the bottom of the other drum, which remains above ground. Once this part is done you can then fill around the drum that is underground with dirt and also you can cover all the piping with dirt. Make sure not to cover the top of the underground drum because this is where you will make the fire pit, and then you cover it with the metal lid. The steel drum that is above ground is where you hang your meat and you can use the steel rods and hooks for this. This drum should be covered with the wood cover and a brick to hold it down. Now you have successfully learned how to build a smoke house.

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