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Build a Rubber Band Powered Car

If you are interested in learning to build a rubber band powered car it is not that difficult to build and it can be a lot of fun at the same time. Whether you are building it for a school science fair or just for a hobby it can be a nice learning experience. The first thing to do when you are preparing to build a rubber band powered car is decide if you are going to use some kind of matchbox or lego car or if you will make your own out of something like a small plastic box or even a matchbox.
A great material to use if you are building your own car is balsa wood, it is very lightweight and easy to work with. There are two ways to do this as well, the easy way would be using the rubber band as a catapult and launching the car. The second way takes a little more time and creativity, and this is where you will need a few more materials such as a homemade balsa wood box that is open at the bottom, two wooden sticks, four wheels and last but not least, a rubber band.

After you have all the materials it is time to build a rubber band powered car. The first thing is to make holes at the front and back of the box so you can put the two sticks through them to attach the wheels, at each end of this stick you will put a wheel so you will have two sticks through the holes with wheels on each end of both sticks, in front and back of the car. The rubber band then needs to be connected to both sticks. Once you have everything properly in place you can then twist the stick in the back so that the rubber band gets tightly pulled around. After you twist the rubber band to a strong tension you can let go and this should make the wheels go causing the car to take off. The more you tighten the rubber band the farther your rubber band car will go. You can experiment with different materials as well to achieve different results, but for now your task to build a rubber band powered car is complete.

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