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How to Build a Retaining Wall

Knowing how to build a retaining wall first depends on the reasons for building one. It may be to separate areas of your landscaping from each other or it may be to create new landscaping features. To determine how to build a retaining wall on your property, you can employ a professional landscaper or you can learn how to build a retaining wall yourself.

A professional landscaper will help you design your yard and tell you how to build a retaining wall that best suits your goals. This can be an expensive service, but saves you time and work. If you choose to learn how to build a retaining wall on your own, then you must first choose the material to use.

There are a few choices for building materials to build a retaining wall. You can choose brick or stone or you can use concrete blocks. You should decide how to build a retaining wall that will best enhance your property first. Brick is less expensive and more readily available than stone, but stone gives a more rustic look to the finished design. Concrete block is not expensive but looks very utilitarian and may not be right for all design ideas.

To learn how to build a retaining wall, you should know how to use concrete finishing tools. You will have to know how to trowel and mortar each joint. You will also have to know how to build a retaining wall that is level. You need to place a level at both ends of your wall after each course, or row, of material is laid. The wall won’t appear out of level until you’ve mortised in three or four rows and then you have doubled your work if you have to tear them out – so check for level as you go.

Learning how to build a retaining wall is just as easy as doing it once you’ve figured it out. Check with local home improvement stores to see if they will be offering free classes on how to build a retaining wall if you have doubts that you can do it. Many chains have classes two or three times a month on various home projects.

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