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How to Build A Lightsaber

Your little Trick-or-Treater has just informed you that even though yesterday he wanted to be a sailor, and the day before he wanted to be a gorilla, today he wants to be Han Solo or Count Dukoo. What’s a parent to do? Well, before investing a ton of cash in pre-made costume accessories, consider learning how to build a lightsaber yourself for their costume.

You can of course buy lightsabers at any toy store that sells Star Wars stuff. This is a great option if you think your child will actually play with it after trick or treat. If not, or if your child enjoys making their own things, you can easily teach them how to build a lightsaber with a few basic supplies.

The first and most important supply to build a lightsaber is a flashlight -not a mag-lite, just a basic 8 or 9 inch, plastic, lightweight flashlight. Next you will need the cardboard tubing from a roll of wrapping paper. Some inserts are now thin sheets of cardboard wrapped up in a roll that unroll with the last few feet of paper so if you don’t have any on hand, be sure to buy a roll that actually has a tube insert. The last thing you will need is either craft paint or colored cellophane wrapping, and some glue or tape.

To build a lightsaber, first either paint the cardboard tubing or wrap it in colored cellophane. Then, fashion a way to attach the cardboard tubing to the end of the flashlight. Packing tape should work fine so long as the tube fits over the end of the flashlight. You may choose to wrap over the packing tape with black electrical tape to make the entire handle black. Be sure the tubing is well attached because your little galactic warrior will be swinging it all over the place. This is all you need to figure out how to build a lightsaber that will serve its purpose short-term.

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