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How to Build a Kite

For a select few, kite flying has become a competitive sport with people who spend a small fortune on materials that will produce an ergonomic, high-flying, champion kite. For most, kite flying is a simple hobby to take to the park or nearest empty field for some relaxing fun. While it’s true you can go most anywhere each spring and spend $30.00 or more on a fancy, sculpted kite, kite flying really can be inexpensive, especially when you know how to build a kite yourself.

You can learn how to build a kite at many websites that have diagram desings. The basic materials required to build a kite can vary, but the purpose of the material remains the same for any design. You will need a lightweight material that can catch the wind, a lightweight but sturdy material for building the frame, and a very substantial length of string. Though you can build a kite frame with straws, the most popular choice for a kite frame is 1/8 inch wood dowel rods. For the kite, you could use heavy plastic, such as a black trash bag or plastic tarp, or heavy-duty paper such as butcher paper. Butcher paper is a great material for building a kite as it can be easily decorated with markers, paint, or crayons. Most any type of string will work for the control line as well as building the kite, and fishing line is good for the construction of the kite, but not as good for the control line.

When you build a kite, you simply need to build the frame first and then attach the kite material to the frame. If using wooden dowel rods, you will need a craft or utility knife for notching out sections for the string to tie to. You can find numerous diagrams online for building kites by simply doing a search for “build a kite”. The Boy Scouts of America also have great diagrams for building kites. When your frame and material are secure, you need to attach the control line to the kite frame. This part of the kite is known as the bridle. You will want to experiment with different ways to build a kite until you find one that flies well, but overall learning how to build a kite is a fun experience for anyone, especially kids.

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