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How to Build a Hovercraft

You might think it would be difficult to learn how to build a hovercraft but it is really not all that hard to make a quick little hovercraft for a school science project or just for fun at home on the weekend. All you really need for learning how to build a hovercraft are a few simple household items and tools. The first things you need to gather are a battery powered leaf blower or a canister vacuum that has a blower outlet. Next you need to get a three foot square piece of plywood, an old piece of shower curtain that need to be one square foot larger than the plywood. Then find a large coffee can lid, preferably this will be a six inch disk. You will also need four self tapping screws, a saber saw, a drill, a razor, a two inch bolt with a nut and two washers, some duct tape and a staple gun. You will also need to have a fairly smooth floor surface for your hovercraft to properly work.

When you have everything you can start to experiment with how to build a hovercraft and the first thing you want to do is round the corners of your three foot square piece of plywood and then drill a hole directly in the center, also be sure the bolt fits through. Then have way between the edge of the wood and the center hole you need to drill another hole that will fit your vacuum or leaf blower hose. Next you want to lay the plywood down on the piece of plastic and fold the plastic up over the edge of the plywood. Once you do this you need to staple it there with a staple every three and a half inches. You want this to be tight, but not so tight that it rips when it is filled with air. Now you want to put a hole directly in the center of the coffee can lid and attach it to the bottom of the wood and on top of the plastic. The next step is using your razor and cutting six vent holes in the plastic within two inches of the coffee can lid. This is it, now all you have to do is flip it over so the plastic is on the floor and insert the vacuum hose and turn it on. You have successfully learned how to build a hovercraft.

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