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Build a Fish Pond

Any size yard can be enhanced with the installation of a water garden, but when you take it a step further and build a fishpond, you have instantly created both a relaxing environment and a conversation piece. There are various steps involved in building a fishpond, but more importantly, learning how to maintain the fishpond is vital.

Location plays a key factor in deciding to build a fish pond. Too much sun promotes algae growth that will require special attention, too little inhibits growth of plants. You essentially want to build a fish pond in a location that gets both sun and shade where possible.

To build a fish pond, you simply determine the size you want it to be and then dig. If you are building a large pond on several acres, you’ll need to have access to heavy equipment to do the digging. If you’re building a smaller pond, grab a shovel. You should dig your pond at least 24 inches deep, but the diameter can be any shape and size. It’s best to mark out the shape of your pond before you dig. Also, determine if you will run a pump and filter to your pond. Smaller ones should have a pump for circulation and will require electricity to run.

There are two types of pond liners you can install after the pond is dug out. Preformed liners are heavy duty plastic already molded into a certain shape. Most of these will range from 24 to 48 inches in depth. If you are using a preformed liner, have it with you when you dig so you can closely match your hole to the liner. You can also purchase heavy duty, pliable plastic liner by the foot. You simply roll it out, lay it in the sun to warm it up and make it more pliable, and then install it evenly in your hole.

Once your pond is dug and lined, you will add the water. You should let the water sit for 24 hours and then have it tested at a pet store or aquarium. The most common pond fish are goldfish and koi, both of which are available at most large pet store chains. When you add fish for the first time, add them two at a time. Float the bag in the pond for a few minutes before releasing the fish. Pond fish are fed differently in different zones so consult a specialist in your area for care and maintenance of fish after you build a fish pond.

Anyone can build a fish pond in their yard and they provide an enjoyable addition to any landscape. Some aspects of maintaining the pond will be trial and error, such as plant growth, keeping the fish healthy, curbing algae growth, and chemically balancing the water. This is a fun hobby to start though, and will provide enjoyment for you and your guests.

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