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Build a Compost Bin

Compost occurs when leaves, grass clippings, and other waste breakdown. Normally, this geological process takes place naturally. In an effort to conserve landfill space, some persons choose to build their own compost bin. It is estimated that approximately 24 millions tons of leaves and grass are disposed in the nation's landfills. Those who build a compost bin can use the compost for mulch and other garden purposes. Information on how to build a compost bin includes easy instructions. Creating compost does not require a bin. However, bins are extremely useful because they enable the compost to remain in a specific area. When compost is too close to a garden it may attract insects.

Instructions on how to build a compost bin suggest using several pieces of 4" x 4" lumber. Most compost bins are box-shaped. Construction materials required include lumber, drill, screws, measuring tape, and saw. Optional supplies include safety glasses and work gloves. Before beginning construction of the compost bin, browse several plans or blueprints. It is possible to construct a compost bin without blueprints. However, the chance of skipping a vital step is also high. There are simple plans available, which are specifically designed for beginners.

In most cases, compost bins are small. On the other hand, certain factors justify building a larger bin. For example, households with many persons typically produce more garbage. A compost bin is also perfect for disposing food scraps and vegetables. Furthermore, some gardeners use a compost bin to make their own mulch. In this case, a large bin may be necessary. Information on how to build a compost bin also includes suggestions on how to get the most from your compost. Oxygen and water are important. Therefore, occasional watering is recommended. Adding manure to the compost also generates good results because it supplies the compost with carbon. Additionally, keeping certain foods such as meat and eggs away from the compost bin is advisable because they may attract pests and cause a foul odor.

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