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Build a Catapult

Learning how to build a catapult can be an interesting learning experience and it can be quite fun experimenting with different ways of building catapults, and learning about different styles of catapults. When you are first starting to learn how to build a catapult you must first decide what kind of catapult you want to make, and also if you want o build it all yourself or buy a kit to aid you. Catapults were very popular siege weapons in medieval times and they were able to be built properly with the crude tools available at the time, so if you really wanted to make it interesting you could build it with the tools from the era catapults were most used in. Some of the necessary tools needed are a table saw, drill press, screwdrivers, carpenter's square, scissors, needle-nose and if you have a router that can be a great help but it can be done without. So after you decide you are going to build a certain style catapult you need to come up with the design and then get all your materials together.

There are many different kinds of catapults as stated before and they each work a little differently. The Greeks first invented a machine called the Ballista, which means “a machine that throws”. Then a little later the Romans created the Mangonel, or as it is also called, the Onager. The word Mangonel means engine of war in Latin. Another style that the Chinese designed is called a Trebuchet. The Romans used to use catapults after getting the idea from the Greeks, and the Chinese Trebuchet was brought to Europe during the crusades, where they were mainly used when attacking castles. Some of these are much easier to build when you are first learning how to build a catapult. After you have decided which style you want to build and have all your tools it is time to start preparing your wood so it is cut to the proper size for the various parts of your catapult, your design plans will have all the proper measurements, whether you bought them or drew them up yourself. If you follow the design plans perfectly when learning how to build a catapult then you should have a working modern day siege machine when you are done. Mastering the use of the catapult can take a great deal of patience and you should take safety precautions.

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