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Build a Car for Pinewood Derby

The Boy Scouts of America have been holding Pinewood Derby races for years and years. Many grown men can remember learning to build a car from a solid block of wood when they were boys. You don’t have to be a registered scout to build a car either. They sell the kits to anyone who might want to build a car for fun.

When kids build a car from a block of wood it teaches them creativity and imagination. There is a sense of accomplishment when their car is finished and most Scouts who build a car keep it forever. If you are going to help your son build a car for an official Pinewood Derby race, there are some requirements to race it. The first is weight and you must build a car that weighs under 5 ounces. You can not modify the wheel bearings and at least three wheels much touch the track at all times.

You can build a car that is sleek and sporty or you can get creative. Some of the more interesting cars throughout the history of Pinewood Derby have been sharks, tissue boxes, mouse traps, and dominoes. In each case, the unique designs were considered cars for the purpose of racing. If you build a car for creativity, you should know that it most likely will not have the best time. So if you’re in it to win, you should a build a car with physics in mind. Tips for faster times include pointed front ends and more weight in the front. This can be achieved by gluing pennies to the bottom of the car once it is carved and painted and the wheels are added. Be sure not to exceed the 5 ounce rule. No matter how you build a car from a Pinewood Derby kit, it’s great fun for everyone.

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